Phuket Clubbing Holidays

With ancient temples, soft white-sand beaches and wicked nightlife, the laidback island of Phuket has lots to offer.

Phuket Town is the island’s hub of art and culture with busy markets and charming cafés. If you’re after an insight into the past, check out the Old Town and its impressive shrines and temples, the whole place is like a history museum. Simply want to chill-out? You’ll love Rawai’s blissful beaches, its soft sands and turquoise waters will make you feel like you’re in heaven on earth.

There are so many sights in Phuket, you could literally spend days exploring them all. One that we think should be right up there on your Phuket bucket list is The Big Buddha. Not only is it an impressive statue, it has the best 360° views from its hilltop location. That’s not even the best bit! You can buy tiles that you can sign your name on, and then they’ll be placed somewhere around the Buddha meaning a part of you will always be in Phuket, how cool is that?!

Patong is where the action is, especially down Bangla Road. It’s the heart of Phuket’s nightlife where you can expect a non-stop party with lively bars, sunset to sunrise clubs and risqué entertainment. You’ll also find beach bars, swanky lounges and cabaret shows.

Can’t miss a game whilst you’re away? No problem, check out Rawai! It’s the place to go for international sports in Phuket as it has lots of sports bars. Plus it’s got some great live music venues.

If you’re after a more relaxed island vibe, head for the Phi Phi Islands. Nightlife here is much more casual so you can enjoy a cocktail or two in a hammock on the seafront, or join in with the party happening on the sands. If you can’t get enough of busy bars and pumping clubs, don’t worry you’ll still find them on the island.

If you’re visiting around 13 April, you’re bound to get caught up in the Songkran Festival celebrations, marking the beginning of a new year and the start of the solar calendar. It used to be tradition to visit your elders during Songkran, to pour water on their hands, as it was believed that it would wash away the bad luck of the past, marking a fresh start. Fast forward to now and Phuket’s Songkran celebrations are pretty epic, it’s basically a massive water fight.

People line the streets with buckets of ice-cold water, just waiting for you to walk by so they can drench you. You can expect to get soaked if you’re heading for Bangla Road, it’s the epicentre of the madness. There’s no chance of just being a witness to the wetness, you’ve got to get stuck in.

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