Say hello to the fabulous in northern California’s culture capital, San Francisco. This city may seem huge, but it’s actually relatively small in size, so it’s pretty easy to get around and do everything you want to during your stay.

The sightseeing begins as soon as you arrive, as you’ll cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on your way into the city. You can’t miss the big red towers, seriously, they’re so big that you’ll see them from almost everywhere in the city!

Get around the ‘San Fran’ way on one of the famous cable cars, they go almost everywhere. You’ll travel in style from A to B and see some pretty cool things along the way. Speaking of sights, the island of Alcatraz and its prison are the city’s most popular attractions, you can’t leave without taking a tour around the main jail block and inside the cells.

Nightlife in San Francisco is just as diverse as the city itself. Each district has its own flavour and you’ll find a good selection of bars, clubs and lounges across every one. They all cater to very different tastes in music, from indie rock to hip-hop, disco to big band and everything in between!

As the capital of pride, you’ll find that San Fran has loads of gay-friendly hangouts from bright, neon-lit clubs to cool hideaway bars.

It’s not all about the partying, you can enjoy a swanky dinner and a show at the theatre followed by a nightcap at a jazz club in Union Square. If you’re after an evening of dancing to live music, you’ll want to head for the North Beach neighbourhood, it’s a playground filled with music lounges and cabaret bars.

This proud supporter of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community holds the largest Pride celebration in the world, you’ll be right in the heart of it if you visit during the last weekend of June. Our personal highlight is the parade, this bright and colourful show will have you singing and dancing alongside the thousands of people that line the streets each year, to watch and join in with the celebrations.

Another massive celebration of San Francisco is during Chinese New Year. The city has the largest Chinatown outside of Asia so no wonder the celebration is such a huge deal! Think handcrafted floats, detailed costumes and a massive fireworks display, and you’ll have an idea of what this celebration is all about. The golden dragon costume is worth the parade just on its own, it takes around 100 people to operate it!

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