Zante Clubbing Holidays

Zante is becoming one of the most popular holiday choices for clubbers seeking an easy summer getaway. The island is based just off the coast of the Greek mainland and has an excellent combination of sea, sand, sunshine, nightlife and boat party’s to entice clubbing fanatics from all over the world. It’s a small island with a lively soul and the heart of the party scene can be found in the small town of Laganas.

As the biggest clubbing resort on the island, Laganas town showcases the best DJs at famous clubs including Rescue Club, Plus Club, Medousa Bar, Cherry Bay and Zeros. One of the most popular nights of the week is the full moon beach party featuring a spectacular firework display amidst an idyllic night-time setting. If you don’t want to wait till the evening time to party you can check out the ultimate daytime event at Pure Beach Club and party in the luxury five star pool.

During the day-time sit back and relax along the islands golden sandy beaches. Laganas is famous for having one of the longest beaches in the Mediterranean. At almost six miles long it’s the perfect way to recuperate from the previous night’s antics and there’s plenty of watersports, jet skis and speed boats to keep you and your friends entertained.

Cool Peppers
Enjoy your visit to the Cool Peppers Bistro Beach Bar and enjoy fabulous cocktails and amazing food whilst soaking up the vibrant atmosphere and beautiful sea views.

Summertime Snack Bar
Often described as the best breakfast on the island the Summertime Snack Bar serves up a tasty selection of breakfasts, lunch and dinners. It’s also a great place for an early evening cocktail.

Kefenio Bar
Situated next to a beautiful beachside view the Kefenio Bar plays great music and serves up a unique selection of delicious cocktails and salty snacks. Enjoy the Reggae vibes as the waves lap gently against the beach.

Hed Kandi
Host to the Biggest Funky House promoter, Hed Kandi. Feature DJ's are flown in every Saturday and mix the best of house music past and present.

Neon Nights
Grab your glow sticks, practice your big fish, little fish cardboard box and bang on that Neon at Zante's underground rave. It’s an old school rave club with some of the best classics.

Sizzle Club
Since the club first opened its doors in 2006 it’s become a number one destination for thousands of dance revellers. Each Monday night the Dancing in Colours event let’s loose with multi-coloured paints.

Cherrymay Full Moon Party
The biggest party event on the island recreates Thailand’s infamous full moon party and the ultimate clubbing experience.

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