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Sunny Beach Clubbing Holidays

In the last few years, Sunny Beach has gained the reputation of being one of the wildest Club 18-30 destinations. Because Bulgaria is out of the EU, your money goes further which means more drinks, more events and more good times. It's cheaper‚ but just as banging as anywhere else. Sunny Beach is best known for its bar crawls, cheap booze and beautiful weather, so if you’re done with the drizzly British summers, this is the place for you.

#LegendaryHolidays aren’t complete without a few buzzing bars, and Sunny Beach nightlife is second to none. The two most popular clubs are Revolution, which hosts Ministry of Sound nights, and Disco Orange, which is loved for its mental paint parties. For a night out to remember, Room 2 is also a good shout, which bangs out the tunes well into the morning.

Sunny Beach clubs are in their own league, but what really sets Sunny Beach apart is the bar crawls. Hit up Party Crew for a tour round the best bars like the Guava Beach Club and the Viking Beach Bar. After another messy night, a trip to the Aqua Park is the perfect way to start a chilled out day. They've got a lazy river, mental slides or hammocks at the Cabana Beach Bar if you just want to chill.

To put that hangover to bed once and for all, hit up Mamacitas or Simply Mike’s for a bite to eat before you start the next night’s antics.


Sunny Beach is a big resort, so make sure you speak to your rep before the first night, so you don’t miss any of the hot spots.

Located in the very centre of Sunny Beach, Mamacitas offers traditional Mexican such as nachos, enchiladas, quesadilla and fajitas. They offer everything from English breakfasts to ranch burgers which you can enjoy in a picturesque and cosy atmosphere spiced up by the live vocal and guitar show

Simply Mike's
Simply Mike's serves up food from around the globe with the owner saying "Our food is what it says it is, cooked in the best way with no pretence."

Modern, casual but elegant - you can't help loving it! Vagabond's menu is inspired by original traditions around the globe. The food offered is tasty and simply prepared, exactly what you want for a dinner table. This is a wonderful beachfront venue with live music that will rock your mind and drinks that will speed up your enjoyment process, so that you go back... again and again...

The Fat Cat
The Fat Cat is a renowned British-style restaurant offering all you need for a decent pastime: endless beer and drinks, excellent pub grub, lots of sport events on big screens and fabulous entertainment.

Chilli Peppers
Chilli Peppers is an Old Wild West restaurant serving food off the old prairie trail! It will tempt you with flame grilled American-style BBQ dishes. So mount up your horse and ride straight up there, its totally wild!

Day Afternoon Evening Abuse your wristband!!
Monday Welcome to sunny beach Blue moon party
Every Monday, we’re bringing Thailand’s world famous Full Moon Party to the shores of Sunny Beach! Grab your best beach attire, your glow sticks and your blue UV paint as we party at one of the resort’s most EXCLUSIVE beach clubs! With a FREE 1 LITRE JUG cocktail on arrival, the night continues with some brilliant holiday anthems and FREE entrance to the one and only, CLUB ICEBERG!
Abuse your wristband!!! Free entry to revs and iceberg!!! Vip drinks menu!!!
Tuesday Iceberg pool party
Games and water... Key ingredients for a party of this kind! It’ll be kicking off from midday so make sure you don’t sleep in!
We love house
Tuesday night plays host to one of the biggest events in Sunny Beach… We Love House! We’ll be stepping aboard our legendary EXCLUSIVE pre-party boat as we sail around the Black Sea in style! We’ll then be taking you to the main square to party in Revs with a 1 HOUR FREE FLOWING BAR!
Abuse your wristband!!! Free entry to revs and iceberg!!! Vip drinks menu!!!
Wednesday It’s set to be 44 degrees today! Neon splat
Let the Paint Gods rain all over your face with their ‘Colourful Love Guns’ of glory in Sunny Beach’s biggest club! Paint cannons at the ready it’s time to hold on tight as you get set for a very neon experience… Join one of the biggest events in Sunny Beach, this is one not to be missed!
Abuse your wristband!!! Free entry to revs and iceberg!!! Vip drinks menu!!!
Thursday Top up those tans! Celebs in the sun
Join us for a night of celeb spotting at one of Sunny Beach’s most famous clubs, Disco Orange! This week , Twice as Nice MC IBZ is flying over to host the busiest night in resort! Joining him will be Geordie Shore’s very own DAN. FREE 1 LITRE COCKTAIL upon entry!
Abuse your wristband!!! Free entry to revs and iceberg!!! Vip drinks menu!!!
Friday Airport Friday night project
Reps are at the airport so head to revolution for 12am for a 4 hour free flowing bar!
Abuse your wristband!!! Free entry to revs and iceberg!!! Vip drinks menu!!!
Saturday It’s set to be 44 degrees today! Hotel party night & back to skool
Pack your lunches and grab your homework we are off back to skool! Dressed in your FREE SKOOL T-SHIRT we will be heading back to class for some mischief and mayhem! Get ready for games and cheese as we host a battle of the sexes, sing offs, dance offs and a legendary 2 HOUR FREE FLOWING BAR of local beers, spirits & mixers, to kick off your week in style.
Abuse your wristband!!! Free entry to revs and iceberg!!! Vip drinks menu!!!
Sunday Tattoo party boat
Join us on the infamous tattoo party boat for the day & hit the black sea in style. Get ready for a 3 hour free bar of beer, sangria and soft drinks (of course) along with a free tasty onboard meal to set you up for the day ahead!
Sunday sessions
No holiday to Sunny Beach would be complete without a BEACH PARTY! Sunday nights are all about partying by the sea and under the stars. You will be welcomed with a 1 HOUR PREMIUM FREE FLOWING BAR as the DJ ensures the tunes will be banging from start to finish! If that’s not enough, we’ll also be throwing in FREE entrance to Den Glade Viking! Lets see the weekend off in the best way!
Abuse your wristband!!! Free entry to revs and iceberg!!! Vip drinks menu!!!

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